September 9, 2010

Joe Montana debunks "Rudy"

Movies don't make great history.  Duh.  But this is too good not to link to.  For one thing, who knew Montana was a freshman that year, 1975?  But if you like college football - and I already know you like blogs - you should read Matt Hinton, at Yahoo!'s Dr. Saturday.  And here's why.  This Montana/Rudy post opens with a typical gem from the Doctor:
Biopic fans will be shocked – shocked! – to learn that Hollywood takes liberties with the real-life narratives and characters that often come to stand in for history in the popular imagination.
I love it!  Rudy's still a great movie, of course. It's obviously hyped beyond recognition. But how can you not love that ending?  "Who's the wild man now?"

Okay.  So why's this a post here? Because it's important not to mistake Fiction for History. Or vice versa!


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