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Best "Shack" Critique Ever

Unlike book reviewers who pepper in positive comments for general principles' sake, Pastor-Theologian Gerald Hiestand yesterday found the most beautiful reason to be positive about something one disagrees with:  because God has been using it profitably, for His purpose.  The 'money' quote:
The best way to correct an unbalanced view of God is not by introducing an opposing unbalanced view of God. / Yet at the same time, we need to be sensitive to the ways in which God is working in the lives of those who have profited by reading Young’s book. I spoke with a man at my church whose view of God was positively corrected by reading The Shack. Prior to reading the book, the man had viewed God as a stern and uncompromising task-master—a God impossible to please, a God who told you he loved you with a scowl on his face. For this man, Young’s over-compensated portrayal of God’s imminence brought a necessary corrective, allowing him to believe in a God who cared about the needs of his children, and whose love was genuine.
Now, that's a God centered grace! (The critique was pretty good, too.)

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