June 5, 2009

Cooking Up Little Churches

How many things can you make with eggs, flour and butter? That's how many results you can get when christians "just get together". You might get a cake, or you might get a mess. You might get a delicious omelet with bell peppers and sausage thrown in (which can be wonderful, but where's the wheat?) Even if you just scrambled two or three eggs once in a while that'd be a heck of a lot better than starving.

There's lots of options, and I'm convinced any life *WE* cook unto the Lord is worthy of giving Him joyfully. That said, I have no desire to just sit on the counter top with other ingredients for an hour a week. There's got to be cooking involved. Preferably, we should also have some skillful utensils the Lord can use to prepare His dish with, although too many utensils just talk or sing about cooking and do very little preparation of actual food.

The metaphor dies now, because fully prepared "ingredients" should become able to re-prepare themselves, repeatedly, as a full course dinner for the Lord. Naturally, inexperienced ingredients usually just throw themselves into a pot. Sometimes that works out great and sometimes it doesn't. Most times, I wish somebody knew what the heck they were doing. But yes, of course it's all good food, as long as it's made for the Lord. (And as long as it keeps getting made. Far too often, good ingredients quit after a difficult batch or two.)

By the way, there's no such thing as a perfect recipe, but if there was, it would only get discovered by practicing cooking, not by thinking and writing. That said, I still feel called to stay out of the mixing bowl for a while. There are, sometimes, such stand-alone items in cooking... but believe me, I hope I won't be one forever.

Meanwhile, Bon Appetit (while being eaten) to the rest of y'all. Keep on seeking the Chef. Hopefully, eventually, He'll teach us to cook ourselves better.

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Christo Swanepoel said...

Very cool metaphor.
Thanks Bro.

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