August 16, 2009

HED on Theology

Heroman English Dictionary: Theology
1. Theo-ology: The study of God and things divine
2. Theo-logy [Theo-logos-y]: God "the Word", the Divine Reason
3. Theo-logy [Theo-logic-y]: Reasoning about the Divine

Most often, when I use this term, I'm using definition #3, which happens to be Augustine's definition [highlighted/cache]. I also tend to think anyone who upholds definitions #1 or #2 usually moves pretty quickly into definition #3, from a practical sense of what they're actually doing. Human thoughts, which are lower than God's thoughts, often wind up with way too much leverage. But systematization has always been about control.

Properly executed, the "Study of God" should be an interdisciplinary effort. Spiritual encounter, divine revelation and reasoned discourse should all be involved. But two out of three is... well... pretty bad, actually. And typically, those who uphold "Theology" seem to major in only one of those two. Therefore, generally, I dislike this word.

Hope that clears up some more of my recent terminology, among other things.

And thanks again, Lou, for some more good advice. :-)

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