December 3, 2009

Academic Link Love

Tyler Williams, when you see this, please pretend it's an e-mail. :-)

Bill Thayer noted the launch of an upgraded Online Bible at, where every chapter comes up in Greek, English and Latin (sorry, no Hebrew). Bill likes it so much, he's updating the links on his world famous Lacus Curtius website. *BSC Nominations*.

Brant Pitre shared some very worthwhile thoughts on the first several hundred pages of Craig Keener's new book, The Historical Jesus of the Gospels. Brant believes this book "could be one of the most consequential books published on the historical Jesus in over a decade". That makes it worth a lookey-see, dontcha think? *BSC Nomination*

Phillip Long reflected on some of Gorden Fee's thoughts about 1st Timothy: the "pastorals" are mis-named, Tim & Titus weren't "pastors" (how refreshing), and the letters are more 'reformational' than (from scratch) 'organizational'. Best bit, quoting Fee: "It seems hard to believe that such a wide variety of church structures and styles would all call upon these letters to validate their ecclesiology..." *BSC Nomination*


To all my readers: there's a lot more good stuff in my shared items, but those are three of the more academically oriented posts (from December so far) that might deserve to get into the Biblical Studies Carnival this month. While Tyler's deciding if this is a good idea or not, I say let's at least try it out.


To my fellow Bibliobloggers, my suggestion is that we may as well begin blogging BSC submissions publicly, like I just did. Just flag the term *BSC Nomination* or something like that, with a link to the upcoming host. You'll get a post out of it, your submitted links will get more attention, and the host can scan trackbacks to get the submission. Besides, this could also be more fun - and suspenseful, like a month long playoff. Will Tyler approve my submissions? I don't mind saying again, I think they're good. But will Tyler declare them "the best of the best of the best"?

Wait and see...

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