December 28, 2009

Following Jesus

Some will say this is semantics, but I don't think anyone can follow the so-called Christ of Faith. You can believe what you want, but he's much more than what's in your mind. I'm sorry, but that insipid "He's in my heart" claim is so often a shell-game for pure superstition. It tends to be convenient superstition, in most cases, too.

Likewise, I'm pretty sure no one can follow the so-called Jesus of History. You can admire his teachings, repeat them and attempt to follow them, but he's much more than what he taught about. I'm sorry, but claiming to follow his teachings is so often a flimsy excuse for godless ethical posturing. Being kind just makes good social-business sense.

The only Jesus is Jesus and the only way anyone can realistically FOLLOW the Lord Jesus Christ is to do so in spirit. I'm only sort-of sorry if you don't like that because it's scary and unmanageable. So is God. Following beliefs or teachings just isn't the same thing as following Him.

Both 'liberal' and 'conservative' Christians find it easier to live according to principles. It's much harder to deal with the living God Himself in one's inner life. I'm not saying I'm servant first class, and thank you Lord again for your mercy and blood. I'm saying let's not confuse Him for something other than Him. Admitting we have this problem can be step number one...


Reason Why ( said...

Strange comment, you do not back up your statement with scripture. And what is the point in scripture if your say "The only Jesus is Jesus and the only way anyone can realistically FOLLOW the Lord Jesus Christ is to do so in spirit." You also are arrogant as you are saying sorry as though you have the right answers

Anonymous said...

Jesus was led by God (who IS Spirit).
Paul's desire for the saints, whom he labored over, was for them to also be 'led of the Spirit'.

This is how we follow Jesus and it is very thoroughly backed up by Scripture.

If one wishes to follow the scripture, then hopefully, one day, they will see that the scripture will tell them to follow the Spirit.

This is not arrogance, and neither does it require an apology.

This is simply good news: We CAN follow the Lord, and in so doing, we can be saved to the uttermost.

Reason Why ( said...

My original question is What is the point of scripture

Bill Heroman said...

RW, the scripture is one place we connect with the Spirit of God. The other two (that I know of) are (1) within our spirits and (2) by joining with other believers, in whom His Spirit also dwells.

I hope that helps.

Btw, I don't mind being called arrogant, but I assume you mean it's what came after the "sorry" that makes me seem so. If you mean the "sorry" itself makes me seem arrogant, please explain.

Thanks for the comments.

Reason Why ( said...

Sorry Bill, hard day, I think I read you blog wrongly. I assume your post is saying, you can only follow Jesus if you have the Holy Spirit. Without it then it is impossible, is that what you are trying to say? From my own witness then I identify with what you are saying.

Bill Heroman said...

S'alright, RW. I think every believer "has the Holy Spirit" (unless you're using that as Pentecostal code for something else - which I might be missing, because I was raised Episcopalian!).

I'm saying people speak about "following" Jesus and yet it's not always Him they/we are following. In my post, "in spirit" is just another way of saying "Him, really". Not principles, not practices, not ideas, not feelings, not reasons, not teachings.


capice? ;-)

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