December 9, 2009

The McCauley Omnicom

The following is an off-topic public service announcement:

I think it was the fall semester of 1992. The comic book series Legion of Super Heroes relaunched with a new #1. Set 1,005 years in the future, the last page of every issue was a text article, with content expanding on Legion continuity. Each full page article was typeset within a graphic device, drawn by Keith Giffen. The device was labeled McCauley Omnicom.

That was my freshman year in college, the last year I was a full fledged comic book geek! Yeah. Forgive me. The point is, this storytelling device was also a futuristic tech device. It was basically like a cross between an i-phone and a Kindle, and it basically explains why I still don't really want an i-phone OR a Kindle. Or the upcoming Apple Tablet (which starts production in March, they said today).

In all seriousness, I'm holding out for a McCauley Omnicom. All y'all gots is still Beta. ;-)

UPDATE: Thomas Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt just blogged about the SI Tablet and made some predictions about the end of book publishing as we know it.

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