July 14, 2010

on Finding Community

Alan Knox posted about "Finding Community" the other day, because people send him e-mails asking "How do I find community like you describe?"  They should know they can't, unless they go to where Alan is, because the community Alan describes only exists where Alan lives.  And yes, that's a pity.  Then again, you can do better.  Yes, you can.

Later in the same post, Alan said something of terrible importance.  "Many of our friends have moved, and when they move, they often struggle with finding community.  Even though they have been part of a close relational group (and perhaps partly because they have been part of a close group), they struggle finding believers interested in sharing their lives in a similar way."

While I do know from experience, it is very tough, having been spoiled, to go settle for less -- at the same time, this testimony reveals a lack we all share, which is not very helpful.  And that lack is, this:  Unless you're extremely fortunate, you don't just stumble into the type of church experience that we're talking about.  In other words, there is no such thing as "finding community".

You can't find anything.  You make it.  And that is the scary, the difficult, and the impossible part.

But all things are possible with God.

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