July 30, 2010

Six Announcements

1 - Wa-hoo!  I got a Kindle DX.  Report coming soon.

2 - I have a tentative job offer from the #1 High School on my list.  They're trying to build a position for me, personally.  If their budget works out, it's a go.  I won't ask you to pray about this unless it really means something to you. But it would mean an awful lot to my family.

3 - Herodias pt. 5 is now becoming pts 5 & 6, to be posted next week, with perhaps a short summary of all six parts, posting the week after that.  A lot of the content in the series so far focuses on Herodias' husband.  That's necessary, because of the record, but my hope was to end things by refocusing more precisely on her own (apparently) dynamic contribution.  Expect three more posts sometime next week.

4 - I'm once again hoping to put up another monthly recap of links (from my Reader) on Sunday.  West will be having 'the' Biblioblog Carnival, Aug.1st, but it's always nice when folks put up extra-noteworthy links.  For instance, Bitsy did a very nice post of links just the other day.  Come back Sunday for more.  Better yet, do your own links post on Sunday as well.

5 - Yesterday, Alan Knox (now home from Ethiopia) blogged about my recent post The Original 'Old Wineskin'.  What Alan had to say was very fitting, because I'm going to be starting a very long series on Monday called The Movement of God.  BUT... instead of posting on consecutive days, like my series usually do, I'm going to space this one out through the whole month of August.  Maybe longer.  It's about ten posts so far (still being tweaked) and not half done.  (So, about every three days?)

On this series:  I think you're all gonna like it.  Stay tuned.

6 - I'll be in Baton Rouge a few days, sometime over the next two weeks.  If anyone wants to sit down, hit me up.

That's all.  Look for my Kindle post and another bit of very belated publishing news, later today.  Or just check back later this weekend.

Enjoy summer, all summer.


Bitsy Griffin said...

A Kindle! What fun.

I will be praying over that job with you. I did not enjoy looking or interviewing . . . Even just starting a new position, gotta get into the school culture, learn the staff . . . I'll be praying.

Alan Knox said...

re: Announcement #5: Very cool! I'm looking forward to that series.


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