November 17, 2009

Academic Agonistes

Given enough time, most competitive markets become dominated by the two largest competitors. There's Coke & Pepsi, Burger King & McDonald's, Macs & PC's, Lowe's & Home Depot, Democrats & Republicans. There were even Pharisees & Saducees, back in the day. So this week, I'm heading to ETS & SBL... and wondering if IBR is the Dr.Pepper, Subway, Linux, Ace, Libertarians, or Essenes of the Annual Biblical Scholar Palooza.

In most markets, top competitors routinely build off one another's best ideas, and I know that to some degree this happens here also. Still, I wonder how much Historicism I'll find at ETS just like I wonder how much Faith I'll find at SBL. Sadly, it doesn't look like there's much going on at IBR that involves the New Testament. That's understandable. It's a lot harder to compete as the little guy.

The games begin tomorrow. Let the best ideas win. ;-)

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