November 12, 2009

on Tradition and Scripture

Church Tradition can't always be bad. Otherwise, we'd have no Bibles! Think about that. How did each of us first learn to value the scriptures?

Tradition is like anything else on Earth. It can bow before God or it can become his enemy. We all enjoy certain traditions... just not forced, hollow, pointless ones, demanded by others.

I was taught long ago to believe that the scriptures have great value. I maintain that tradition because I continue to find, by experience, that my God lives inside of its pages.

Christian love for God's Word is a perfect example of what Living Traditions should look like. Tight, domineering control of God's Word is something else altogether.

The challenge is not about choosing to be Radical or Traditional. The challenge is always about Life and Death.


Anonymous said...

"To defy the laws of tradition is a crusade only of the brave."
~ Les Claypool

Bill Heroman said...

To defy anything at all, we'd better have a good reason. I think you know that with a good enough reason, I'm not afraid of crusading to the death.

To defy anything just for the sake of defying it is plain ignorant. Tradition is not automatically poisonous. Many pew sitters worship the Lord much more fervently than some house churchers I've known.

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