November 22, 2009

Girl Meets Lord

I am so proud. This is so moving to me. My wife told me this story tonight and I asked her to blog it. It might help you to understand that this little girl has not been to institutional church or sunday school more than twice in her 8 years of life until the past month or so. Here's the scoop from Sarah's blog:
Emma: "They asked me today if I was a Christian, and I said 'no'."

Me: "Why did you say 'no'?"

Emma: "Because I don't know what Christian means."

Me: "Well, if they had asked you if you had invited the Lord into your heart, what would you have said?"

Emma: (big smile) "I would have said 'YES I HAVE!!!'"
My eyes just welled up again. What a beautiful Lord. What a wonderful girl. Thank you, Jesus.

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