June 19, 2010

New Page: Scholarpalooza

Underneath my own short introduction, I've copied all 600+ links from the Archives of NT Wrong or Jim's Minions or whoever was keeping up with that page most of us still link to.  If someone else updates it, I may update my copy of it, but that job definitely got way too big for one person.  Maybe the SBL committee can suggest... a committee.  Or something?

My personal blogroll has grown a bit (scroll down the sidebar) but I certainly haven't read everything on the big list.  Partly, I just felt like making a backup, and partly I wanted to present "the complete list" to my own readers.  Besides, I think it goes really well with what I had to say about it. Enjoy.

Blogger Updates will continue:  One tabbed page down, four to go.

1 comment:

Bitsy Griffin said...

Thank you! I added your link to my related blogs page!

There are just so many wonderful blogs that get left out of the top 50.

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