June 21, 2010

Thanks, Joel & Bitsy

It's well worth promoting, but I can't take credit for creating the truly awe-full Scholarpalooza list, nor for updating it (yet). So far, I've merely created a backup copy from the original Top 50 page and pasted it onto this site.

Okay. Well. I did do the name.

I wonder if it also floats in water?


Bitsy Griffin said...

hahaha, that's what I did on my related blog page ;)

ok, so are you ready to start updating?

Daniel Thompson from http://apprentice2jesus.com/ should be on there.

Bill Heroman said...

Am _I_ ready to? Hey. Who's the xbxaxrxbxexrx librarian here?


jps said...


Here's two more:
Mark Harmon: Biblical Theology http://bibtheo.blogspot.com/

Rob Holmstead & John Cook: Ancient Hebrew Grammar

Bitsy Griffin said...

*batting eyes*

but, but, I thought you wanted to do it


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