June 12, 2010

Skeptics, be skeptics

Dear friends, I just thought I should mention this. Yesterday, after lunch, someone whose IP hails from Englewood, CO, did a Google search for "New Testament reliable", found my post about Gospel Origins, scanned a handful of other recent posts, and then came back to leave a brief rebuttal. Really? Well...

I guess I'm developing a policy on arguing with skeptics. Apparently, my first policy is I don't argue with anonymous people. My second policy is that I don't fight just to fight. And my third policy is going to be what it's always been - that I love a good argumentative chat, but I don't really care about turning skeptics into believers. Love y'all, but you just aren't my mission field.

In my humble opinion, we in Christendom have got far too many believers who already are way too skeptical as it is. I don't want to make more skeptic-believers. So. If it hasn't been clear before now, let me make this incredibly plain. I make noise here to cause problems for those who ARE willing to trust the scriptures, but whose scholarship compromises too much with the assertive skeptics of the Academy.

Not that I can tell much about my fight itchy commenter, and whether she/he was or was not a member of anything. But if you're someone who trusts scholars that supposedly 'convinced reasonable people the Jesus stories are not historical', well then I guess that's who you trust. Call me the skeptic on this, but I don't trust those people at all.

So, dear skeptics, please feel free to keep being skeptics. Really. Knock yourselves out. In the end, I hope you won't go to heck, but that's really not my concern. Now with that said, sure I'd love to be friends, and I always enjoy a good argument. But I'm not here to convert you.

If you want to fight someone about skepticism, go fight someone else. Or, as Apu from the Simpsons once said, "Get out of my store! And come again." ;-)

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mike fox said...

I should take notes about drawing some lines. I don't know how many times I've tried to cater to Mr. or Mrs. "Anonymous" out there and ended up wasting my time. It's never once proven fruitful in the blogosphere. Great things to think about, neat post.

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