November 3, 2009

Johnny's Comment

My brother Johnny said this here, on the subject of titles:
Whatever elders, pastors, teachers, deacons, etc... were in the first century, they were good things; GOD things. It is a shame that people have misused and misplaced those...words. It has done some serious damage in the body of Christ.
In the words of Hank Hill and friends - Yep. Yep. Uh-huh. Ye-ep.

Well said, bro. Let's rediscover these good GOD things, instead of fighting about words.


Anonymous said...

Yes. How about we rediscover and not be *afraid* of these words?

I think that trying to use new ones might just add more fractures to the already splintered up body.

Anonymous said...

...oh, and to be fair, no I don't think that those words have been misused or misplaced on every occasion of their use. In other words, yes, I do believe that that there are probably many 'pastors' who truly are pastors, and the same for elders and all the rest.

Bill Heroman said...

someone said once, "a pastor is someone who cares for the church"

we need lots of those people


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