June 29, 2010

The Progressive Publication of Matthew

This upcoming title suggests Matthew published a collection of documents long before Matthew compiled it all and redrafted a new, expanded composition. (H/T, CJ)  Personally, I think that sounds like a positively brilliant bit of new & worthwhile Synoptic theory... if I do say so myself.

But seriously... even if I could say I'd thought of something like that before, (which I both had and hadn't, precisely), I'm glad somebody knew how to take it as far as it's now being taken.  Most of all, I'm thrilled to see more developmental (4-D) thinking going into these kinds of studies.

I strongly suspect B. Ward Powers is onto something.  Matthew probably was first... before he was last.


[Update:  It'll be available October 1st.]


Rick Wadholm Jr. said...

Sounds like it will be an interesting read. Thanks for the heads-up. While the complexity of demonstrating the relations between the Synoptics is beyond fullest explanation (IMO), I am glad to see such a proposal being fleshed out.

Bill Heroman said...



Anonymous said...

This is very close to your theory, if I remember correctly when we talked about the four Gospels. You should request a review copy from B& H, they will be glad to send it to you.


Bill Heroman said...

The gist sounds the same, but I'm quite sure he's gone far more in depth than I ever could have.

I checked out B&H on NetGalley but TPPoM isn't up yet.

Thanks as always.

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