September 3, 2009




You might enjoy these posts working Towards a Historical Nativity.

I'm presently working on a historical reconstruction of Jesus in Nazareth.

The Philos (friend) delivers the Agape (love) - A New Take on John 21.

Gospel Chronology must sequence the deaths of John the Baptist and Sejanus.

My synoptic hypothesis is that Matthew journaled first, but gospel'd last.

Event wise, Occam's razor suggests Paul Fled Damascus Twice.
(Or else, how'd he manage to tick off the Nabatean Ethnarch before visiting Arabia?)

Finally, my print-revision of the Year-by-Year site is getting closer to (self) publication. The original (draft) posts are still online for the time being, but won't stay up forever.


There's much more... but that'll do for now. I'm adding a link to this "PAGE" that should rest above my top post from now on. Just click "PROJECTS" if you want to check back for more updates! :-)

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