September 23, 2009

How Many Shipwrecks?

Among other problems, I shouldn't have told people to guess on the poll ("pop quiz"). The answers are all over the place, so let's end it right now, before anyone gets more embarrassed, like me. ;-)

How many times was Paul shipwrecked, that we know of, according to the New Testament?

Paul says, "three times I was shipwrecked..." (2.Cor 11:25) But three years later, on the ship to Rome, they "hit a shoal and ran aground." (Acts 27:41)

The point of the question is that if you remember the bit from Corinthians, you might answer "three". Or if you're thinking only of Acts, you would probably say "one". But the answer is four. It's a simple example that illustrates the need for putting it all together and also illustrates (depending on whom one asks) how very often this has not been done.

Why do we not know such simple facts of the New Testament Story?

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