August 11, 2010

Blogging Notice(s)

Firstly, the movement series is going bi-daily, starting on Monday.  I'm up to part 16 in my drafts folder, and that number might double before we're all done.  That means I'll be blogging the Movement of God for at least a month - maybe three.

We should be done with the practical-theological metaphysics by the end of next week, by the way.  But in case that's not been your favorite, it still helps set the stage for what's coming up next.  Once we hit Genesis I'm hoping to go straight through the whole Biblical Story - from the Spirit fluttering over the water, to the New Jerusalem coming out of heaven, I contend, there has always been only one "Movement of God".

I'll also be posting weekly excerpts on major issues in Historiography, from The Purpose of the Past, like today's bit on Narrative History.  Also, my summary/conclusion on Herodias posts tomorrow.  Plus, you never know what else I'll blog on, as usual.

Do stay tuned...

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