August 24, 2010

The Movement of God - 9

How is God's Movement reflected in earthly movement?  For comparison's sake, let's consider the True Light and visible light.

The God of Creation said, "Let there be Light." And there was Light... in the physical realm. In another way, in God's own spiritual realm, Light had always existed. Whatever this Light is ("was"?), we have never seen what it looks like from God's perspective. The True Light, who Enlightens the World, did come into the world, once. But the world knew Him not. Not as Light. Although Light is precisely what He was.

The God of Creation said, "Let us make in our Image." Male and Female, Humanity had to be molded after that Image.  But the fullness of that Image was Christ, because Christ is the image of God.

Therefore, before God said "Let", we know God had an Image. Without visible light - somehow, but how we cannot hardly suppose - the pre-existent Son must have looked like the Father. In turn, quite mysteriously, that also means the Father must have "looked" like the Son. But that Image, their Image, was every bit as Invisible as is Holy Spirit. In other words, at one time the Son was the INvisible Image of the INvisible Father. Before visibility, He was His invisible Image.

But at some point, in Eternity, God moved to make His Image Visible.

So this God... Who was Light... made the Physical Universe... and he also made it visible.  Now, the Father could paint pictures of His Son.  The Son was Light, so God started with light.  The Son was Life, so God made a Tree and a River and a Garden, all teeming with Life.  The Son loved the Father, so God made humanity able to love and be loved.  In His Image.

All of this was a reflection of Himself.  All of this was God expressing Who He Is.

God was Light, before light was brought into the visible realm. He was Love, before love came to the race of humanity.  God was Life, before life had been sparked on the Earth.  Also, God had an Image, before His Image was able to be seen in the visible realm.

And now, to get back to the point of this series...

Let us add to this manner of speaking - in the same way as above - that God Himself also was Movement, before His own Movement came into Physical Time/Space.

God moved in Eternity.  God moved in Creation.  God is moving today.  And - if we are deeply blessed - God may even move, sometimes, within us.

To be continued...


Franklin said...

Great post...again. Wonder why God wanted his image to be visible? Why make it visible through humans? Visible to WHOM????? Himself??? Other divine beings (the divine council?)? Who is the "our"? Is it the Trinity or is it other divine beings? Great stuff...thanks.

Bill Heroman said...

Great questions, Frank. All that we know is that God was pleased to make his image visible.

I'm just glad that he was!

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