August 4, 2010

The Movement of God - 1

On Earth, there is one thing God is doing.  Since Eternity past, there is one thing God has been doing.  If you get involved with what God is doing, then *you* can be part of the Movement of God.  If you don't get involved, then you simply are not now a part of God's Movement.  There is no way around that.  That is how it works.

So, then.  What is God doing?


There are other ways to put this, of course, but I like trying to think in the most basic of terms.  It's almost a tautology:  any time God is doing something, He is moving.  If you think about it, however, this is very unusual.  Movement, as we understand it, requires a change in position, over time.  That's position - in space - and then time.  By definition, as we understand things, in order to have movement, you must have space and time.

And yet God, as we've had him explained to us, is transcendent beyond space and time.  But if there was no "space", and no "time", before God made the universe, then how can God be in any real sense One who moves?

God is a mover, so He must not be bound by this thing we call time.  But how could that be possible?

To be continued...

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