August 26, 2010

The Movement of God - 10

Upon creating this physical universe, the first thing God did - that we know of, according to Genesis - was to go down close to the surface of Wet-Earth and... move.  "The Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters."  Some translations say hovering.  Young's Literal Translation reads fluttering.  He was not floating.  He was not motionless.  He was ready.

It's as if God - who is Spirit - had finally gotten his chance to get out for a stretch.  Maybe he was eager, hopping up and down, ready to get down to work.  Or maybe he was just out there exploring.  Or surfing!  Dancing?  Perhaps he was moving around just because.  No matter what we suppose, scripture's premier sighting of God shows him moving.  On Earth.  This is not arbitrary.

God had lived for Eternity in a spiritual realm, and now God had created the physical realm (we presume).  And right near the start of Creation, here, it seems he was eager to get INTO dimensional space and begin moving around.  In addition to that, this moving over the waters was also simply God expressing Himself.  He was doing something He felt like doing!  Before God even brought Light into the World... before he said "Let"... and before he made Man... God brought Movement into this world.

Best of all, he brought His Movement.

Thus, from that very moment, at the start of Creation, The Movement of God had begun on the Earth.  Please note that this Movement began both at once and that it began precisely once.  That is, only once.

There is always and only One movement of God on the Earth, and that movement only takes place whenever - and wherever - God himself actually moves.

That One movement is no longer in one place, among one people.  But He is One God, and His Movement is One.

So then...

After fluttering on the waves, and establishing all of Creation, God soon planted one particular garden where he walked in the cool of the day.  (Oh, yes, there will be balance.  There must be.)

To be continued...

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