August 21, 2010

God's Time

God is neither outside of time nor bound by it.  "Time" is an aspect of HIS divine nature, which he passed on to our physical universe, to enrich our experience here.

Think about it.  In Eternity past, if the Triune God was both self-aware and also infinitely intelligent, then God experienced an incredibly high level of complexity in metacognition.  That is, a dynamic experience.  Add to that whatever it means that the Father loved the Son before the foundation of the world, and we seem to have ongoing activity, also.  That implies God experiences something like what we'd recognize as the passing of moments.

In short - if the experience of the Godhead is ongoing, then it has duration, which means time.

Yes, our earthly experience of time is completely bound to the existence of space and physical matter.  But "time", properly understood, is simply a convention of measurement using comparative motions.  Thus, the fact that God is not bound by Physics does not mean God is "not bound by time".  It means God is not bound by physical motion, or change.  But...

If God moves - if there is anything at all within God that is dynamic - then God experiences "time".

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