August 22, 2010

The Movement of God - 8

How did God's Spirit pass time, in a non-physical realm?

Was there change? Was there any sort of activity? Most writers sound like they think there was none. At least, the colloquial reference to God's pre-Creation existence as "before time" shows that, generally, we find it easier to imagine that nothing went on in Eternity. Nothing at all.

To be fair, there's good reason to think not. If God’s spiritual realm truly has no dimension, then the Godhead could not move around. To illustrate by absurdity: the Father and Son could not walk over into West Eternity and have lunch with the Spirit. They couldn't say, "Let's hike up to North Eternity and have a picnic today."

Presumably, before all else, there was nothing but God! Thus, there was no PLACE but God. Thus, the Godhead could NOT (yes, let's repeat that) strictly could NOT exercise the faculty of travel. In other words - at that Time, before he'd created Space - God could not change God's own position… because there was not yet any such thing as position... because God hadn't created it yet!!!

In God's spiritual realm, he was all, and he filled all, fully.

And yet, God must have been moving.  As we've been saying - in some spiritual way, in his spiritual realm, God was then Who and What God is now, and we know that God moves. He moves in his spirit, he moves in our hearts, he moves where he will.  Even though we believe God himself is non-physical, we also believe God can still move.  So, as God is now, God was then.

In God's spiritual realm, somehow, he was moving.

Evidently, however, God wanted MORE movement.

For whatever reason, for however it suited his own divine purpose, God wanted new ways to move, and new ways to express and portray those dynamic aspects of his nature. And so, presumably, at some point during Eternity, God determined to create Dimensional Space, and Physical Matter.

It's as simple as this.  God being a Mover, he wanted more ways of expressing himself, and more ways of illustrating his divine nature, particularly, through movement.  For example, he wanted to spark Light, scatter stars, explode galaxies, and fling planets into their orbits. He wanted to separate waters and raise mountains up from the seas, planting creatures and seeds in the earth that would increase, grow, expand, thrive, and swell in all their diverse multiplicity.

In one way, it seems that what God really wanted was to generate Action! In all this, God was expressing the Dynamic part of God's self. We might even say this was God expressing God’s ‘Martha’ side... which reminds us... we know very well how strongly God has a ‘Mary’ side, too.

Where's the balance? We'll get to that very soon...

For now, let's move on into God's work at the point of Creation.

To be continued...

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