August 7, 2010

The Movement of God - 2

God is immaterial Spirit.  Yet he moves.  He predates "space and time".  Yet he moves.  We think of God as being unbound by anything, including "time".  Yet, God is one who moves.  He does things.  He creates.  He brings change.  So it's not just metaphorical.  God moves.  But...

In our human conversation and understanding of things, we must define Movement as change in position over time.  Seemingly, this creates a problem.  If there was no "space" or "time" in God's own Eternal past... how can we call God a mover?  The answer must be that there is no such thing as time.  And perhaps - maybe - there was "space" before physical matter.

This is not all academic.  If we want to consider the Movement of God, then we need to consider how God moves.  To answer "in mysterious ways" is true, beautiful and profound; but it doesn't help us at all.

This should not be a matter of Theologizing.  This should be a practical effort to understand what God does... preferably so that we might find a way to get caught up in what God is doing.  And remember, God is always doing one thing.  Despite what you think may or may not be true about "space" and "time"...

God is moving.

To be continued...


Franklin said...

The story of the Bible CRIES OUT for a PREQUAL! Too bad it hasn't been written;). The story we have been told is a story IN space and the God we know is a God who moves IN space and time. If there is time or not...we simply don't know. If I'm not mistaken, light experiences no time...yes? All of Light Speeds motion is used in SPACE so therefore none of it is left for time. Light is timeless...yes? Like God?

Bill Heroman said...

Someday I'm going to ask physicists how they record images of photons moving through those slits (you've probably read about, yes?). If a camera requires light to pass between itself and the object being imaged... and if the photon is light... then what transfers the image of the photon to the camera????

I have no idea if that's an ignorant question or not, but yes, light is some bizarre exception to everything. Somehow.

By now you're read what I said in the next few posts. Lemme go see what those comments say.

Thanks for reading, Frank.

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